The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending the


for service as set forth in the following:


For outstanding heroism in action against enemy Viet Cong forces during Operation HARVEST MOON in the Que Son area, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam from 8 to 20 December 1965. As part of a regimental sized operation, the Second Battalion, 7th Marines, was launched against major Viet Cong units the in contact with friendly forces of the Republic of Vietnam. Seizing it's initial objective, the battalion carried the battle to the enemy, overcoming successive objectives, destroying the enemy, and capturing his weapons and supplies. In the most adverse weather conditions, with incessant rain, flooded valleys, and soaked jungle terrain, the officers and men conducted their attacks with unrelenting energy and will. In spite of the deterioration of weapons and equipment, the suffering from constant immersion in water and mud, the tenacious resistance of the enemy, and increasing casualties, the Second Battalion, Seventh Marines, remained a superb fighting organization repeatedly forcing the enemy from his position, assaulting steep jungled hills and inundated paddy-lands, and boldly carrying out helicopter-borne assaults in the face of enemy anitaircraft fire. As the operation drew to its conclusion, and the defeated enemy attempted to withdraw from the battle area, the Second Battalion, Seventh Marines, remained in the forefront of the battle, aggressively pursuing the enemy on foot across flooded lowlands. As a final act, on 18 - 19 December 1965 the battalion engaged, assaulted, and effectively destroyed a Viet Cong company heavily reinforced with mortars, machine guns, and 57mm recoilless rifles. After killing over 100 VIet Cong in this one engagement, the battalion was finally withdrawn after 13 days and nights of uninterrupted combat. The fighting spirit, unflagging aggressiveness, and countless acts of heroism reflected great credit upon the officers and men of the Second Battalion, Seventh Marines, and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

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