Topographical Map List
Viet Nam
7th Marines Operational Areas
Series L7014 Scale 1:50,000

Series Description

Type: Topographic; multicolor

Format: 15° N-S by 15° E-W, Transverse Mercator projection; 1,000 meter UTM Grid

Symbols: NIMA and Vietnamese

Source: Photo-revised and format conversion from stereocompiled 1:50,000 NIMA Series 701

Characteristics: Relief shown by contours at 5, 10, and 20 meter intervals with 5 or10 meter supplementary contours, at 25 meter intervals with 12.5 meter supplementary contours, at 40 meter intervals and by form lines; elevations in meters; foreshore and offshore detail shown: depths in meters; drainage symbolized; standing water area indicated, international,phan, and tinh boundaries. Provisional Military Demarcation Line delineated; quan boundaries delineated in Index to Boundaries south of 17° , populated places symbolized and classified by importance; roads classified by weatherability, surface, and width; railroads classified by gauge and number of tracks; airfields delineated and classified by weatherability; vegetation symbolized, trilingual marginal data [English, French, Vietnamese].

USGS Stock Numbers for NIMA Vietnam Maps

Please note the list below only represents the list of Maps pertaining to the operational area of the 1st Marine Division, generally the southern portion of I Corps. It was my intention to identify Maps of interest to Veterans who served in these areas and may want to obtain them for their personal use.

Sheet NumberMap Name
TL-7014-6441-2A Sap
TL-7014-6541-1Q. Phu Loc
TL-7014-6541-3Nong Truong Nam Dong
TL-7014-6541-2Bach Ma
TL-7014-6540-1Thuong Duc
TL-7014-6540-2Ben Giang
TL-7014-6641-4Thon Trung Kien
TL-7014-6641-3Da Nang
TL-7014-6641-2Khu Pho Nam Tho
TL-7014-6640-4Dai Loc
TL-7014-6640-1Hoi An
TL-7014-6640-3Hiep Duc
TL-7014-6640-2Tam Ky West
TL-7014-6740-3Tam Ky East
TL-7014-6639-1Tien Phuoc
TL-7014-6639-2Gi Lang
TL-7014-6739-4Chu Lai
TL-7014-6739-1Binh Son
TL-7014-6739-3Son Ha
TL-7014-6739-2Quang Ngai
TL-7014-6738-1Mo Duc
TL-7014-6738-2An Lao
TL-7014-6838-4Phuoc Dien
TL-7014-6838-3Tam Quan
TL-7014-6836-4Qui Nhon
TL-7014-6836-1Hai Dong
TL-7014-6836-3Thach Khe

These Maps are the real deal, not black and white copies and are available now because they have been declassified.

The maps listed above are available from the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey [USGS]. Current prices are $ 7.00 ea plus shipping and handling but you should verify prior to ordering, and orders are accepted by phone, payment by credit card. For quantities of more than five maps USGS prefers you FAX the order in, a order form in Adobe PDF format is available for download.

When ordering specify quantity, series number, scale, map sheet number, and name as listed above. For example, to order one sheet with Da Nang City on it, your order should be written as follows:

1 only series L7014, 1:50,000, sheet no. TL-7014-6641-3, name of sheet Da Nang

If you do not know the geographical location of the area for which you would like to order a map, a Geographical Names Data Gazetter is available on a CD-ROM disk. It contains World Landmass Geographic Names Data excluding the United States and Antarctica.

When ordering the CD-ROM disk specify USGS Stock No. 68-DIGNAMES2

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