Charlie of the South and Nguyen of the North

Disposition of Forces**

DateProvinceOpposing Forces
1965Quang Ngai18th NVA Regt, 45th VC Hvy Wpns Bn, 52d VC Co.,
60th, 80th VC Bn's, 1st VC Regt., 70th VC Bn.
1966Quang Ngai2d NVA [aka 620th] Division, 3d, 21st NVA Regt., 1st VC Regt, 409th NVA Bn
3d NVA Division, 18th, 22d NVA Regt., 2d VC Regt.

Quang Tin2d NVA [aka 620th] Division, 3d, 21st NVA Regt., 1st VC Regt.

Thua Thien95th NVA Regt.

Quang Tri803d, 812th NVA Regt, 324B Div
1967Quang NgaiHQ Military Region 5, 97th Bn 2d VC Regt.

Quang Tin2d NVA Division, 3d NVA Regt., 21st NVA Regt.,1st VC Regt.,

Quang Nam368B NVA Artillery Regt.
R-20 [Doc Lap] Bn,

Thua ThienNorthern Front HQ, 5th NVA Regt.



Where, When and Who we Met

OperationDateOpposing Forces
Starlite18-19 August 196560th, 80th VC Bn's, 1st VC Regt
Thach Tru22-24 November 196518th NVA Regt, 45th VC Hvy Wpns Bn
Harvest Moon9-20 December 196560th 70th, 80th VC Bns, 1st VC Regt
Utah4-7 March 196621st NVA Regt
Texas20-25 March 196660th, 90th Bns 1VC Regt, 11th Bn, 21st NVA Regt
Indiana28-30 March 196621st NVA Regt
PrairieAugust 1966803d, 812th NVA Regt, 324B Div
Desoto27 January 1966 - 7 April 196795th VC Bn
Foster13 - 30 November 1967R-20 VC Bn, V-25 VC Bn, Q-13 VC Co.

Data compiled by utilizing 7th Marine Regiment Command Chronologies,Volumes in the Marine Corps Vietnam Series - Operational History Series.


Because the southern provinces were the principal areas of operation for the 7th Marine Regiment, the opposing forces in the north of I Corps were omitted except for one instance. The NVA and VC units displaced freely and ranged throughout the area's during the Marines deployment in VietNam.

It should be noted that the survivors of these units were seasoned troops, unlike our Marines who rotated on a schedule of 13 months incountry service before returning to the US. After the war, General Nugyen Giap wrote that he could not understand American logic for rotating seasoned troops for green personel to fight the war, his men remained for the duration.

** Note Information will be added when it becomes available.

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