History of the U.S. Marines

Recommended Reading

Note: I do not advocate nor do I endorse the purchase of any of the books listed. It is a list of some of the books I have read and that I have in my personal collection.

Listed below are some of the books that may be of interest to students of history, or just veteran's like myself who have a thirst for knowledge about the finest "Fighting Force" and Military Organization in the World today. Some of the books may be expensive, or difficult to purchase, but you also may be able to find them in your local library. If I were to recommend a single purchase, especially as a gift, I would suggest "The Marines", published by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, BGen Edwin H. Simmons, USMC-Ret, Editor in Chief.

U. S. Marines in VietNam ~ All Wars

"Above and Beyond"A History of The Medal Of Honor -1985ISBN 0-939526-19-0
"United States of America's Medal of Honor Recipients" - 1998ISBN 0-9644590-1-9
"Hero's Of Our Time" - Kenneth N. Jordan, Sr., 1994ISBN 0-88740-741-2
"Beyond the Medal" - Peter C. Lemon, 1997ISBN 1-55591-358-X
"The Navy Cross" - Paul Drew Stevens, 1987ISBN 0-918495-15-6
"The Marines" - Edwin H. Simmons, 1998ISBN 0-88363-365-5
"The United States Marines: A History" - Edwin H. Simmons, 1998ISBN 1-55750-840-2
"Semper Fi Vietnam" - Edward F. Murphy, 1997ISBN 0-89141-562-9
"Semper Fidelis" - Allan R. Millett, ISBN 0-02-921596-X
"A Brief History of The 7th Marines" - James S. Santelli, 1980USMC
"The Story of Ray Davis" - Ray Davis, 1995ISBN 1-884570-29-1
"Unknown Warriors: Canadians in the VietNam War" - Fred Gaffen, 1990ISBN 1-55002-073-0
"Dirty Little Secrets of The VietNam War"ISBN 0-312-19857-4
"Tet Marine" - W.J Davis, 1987
"Ambassadors In Green" - Tom Bartlett-Bob Bowen, 1971LC Cat No. 76-152771
"First Marine Division - Vietnam" - Edward Hymoff, 1967LC Cat No. 67-21378

U.S. Marines in Korea

"Breakout" - Martin Russ, 1999
"Red Blood Purple Hearts" - Joseph A. Saluzzi, 1993ISBN 0-940863-99-5
"Triumph On 1240" - R. D. Humphreys, 1998ISBN 1-57087-385-2

For Research, or knowledge of Marine Corps Combat Operations in VietNam

U.S. MARINES IN VIETNAM - Series of Books
"The Advisory & Combat Assistance Era - 1954-1964"USMC
"The Landing and the Buildup - 1965"USMC
"An Expanding War - 1966"USMC
"Fighting The North Vietnamese - 1967"USMC
"The Defining Year - 1968"USMC
"High Mobility and Standdown - 1969"USMC
"Vietnamization and Redeployment - 1970-1971"USMC
"The War That Would Not End - 1971-1973"USMC
"The Bitter End - 1973-1975"USMC

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