Casualties of War.......Canadians serving with the U.S. Marines

During the VietNam War it was known that many Canadians enlisted into the Armed Forces of the United States. This page is dedicated to some of these brave young men, the men who served with Honor in the United States Marine Corps and didn't return.

Accurate statistics were difficult to verify as many Canadians who served with the US Military Forces listed US addresses as their home of record, so on the casualty reports that followed they were assumed to be American. This list was compiled from written and verbal information obtained through official and non official sources.

The men listed below as Canadians, include, those born in Canada, Naturalized Canadian Citizens, and those who had at least one Canadian parent and qualified for Canadian or Dual Citizenship.

Among the Marines listed below is the son [ LCpl. Richard Dextraze, who was awarded the Silver Star Medal and two Purple Heart awards] of a Canadian General Jacques A. Dextraze who became the Canadian Armed Forces Chief of Staff. Also, among the casualties, three Canadian who's bodies were not recovered, LCpl. Jonathan Kmetyk *, 1st Lt William Marshall Price *, and Joseph Howard Reeves *.

Six Marines, of the many who served with the 7th Marine Regiment did not return, LCpl Patrick Dearborn*** and LCpl James Nicholson*** of "Mike" Company, Pfc Robert Harold Kunkel *** of "Lima" Company 3rd Battalion, Pfc Donald Charles McNac *** of "Bravo" Company, Pfc Edward Gerald Sharpe *** of "Delta" Company, 1st Battalion, Pfc David Michel Hann *** and LCpl Steven Joseph Scott*** of "Hotel" Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines.


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Campbell, Randall KennethL/Cpl2019-Sep-4425 Apr 6501E Line 109
Suthons, Melvin HaroldPfc2103-Feb-4418 Jun 6502E Line 013
Stalinski, Stefan Z.Pfc2129-May-4508 Jul 6502E Line 032
Delmark, Francis JohnL/Cpl1905-Nov-4518 Aug 6502E Line 055
Kunkel, Robert Harold ***Pfc2321-Jun-4216-Nov-6503E Line 068


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Crabbe, Frank EdwardPfc1920-Jun-4616-Feb-6605E Line 040
Hann, David Michel ***Pfc1930-Dec-4604-Mar-6605E Line 103
Sauve, Daniel LouisPfc1815-Oct-4721-Apr-6606E Line 127
Lorenz, Hans Jorg R.Pfc2121-Aug-4426-Apr-6606E Line 111
Corbiere, Austin MorrisL/Cpl2319-Feb-4309-May-6607E Line 042
Schmidt, Dennis RichardCpl2106-Jun-4508-Aug-6609E Line 117
Reeves, John Howard *L/Cpl2328-Oct-4323-Dec-6637E Line 076

On May 6th 2006, the Name of Pfc Lorenz was added to the Vietnam Memorial. Wounded with burns to 80% of his body in Da Nang in Arpil 1966, Lorenz died at the USNH in Oakland, CA., an effort had been underway to have his name inscribed with the rest of the casualties of war until it was finally achieved this year.


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Vandercook, David FranklinPFC2019-Feb-4725-Feb-6715E Line 092
Sharpe, Edward Gerald ***Pfc1930-Apr-4825-Apr-6718E Line 088
Wolos, Paul Harvey.Pfc1922-Jul-4728-Apr-6718E Line 122
Nicholson, James Arthur ***LCpl1804-Nov-4614-May-6719E Line 121
McMurdo, James AlfredLCpl2117-Feb-4606-Jun-6721E Line 063
Diedricksen, Alan LeeCpl2327-Apr-4402-Jul-6722E Line 100
Lanteigne, ArthurLCpl1818-Aug-4804-Jul-6723E Line 004
Thorsteinson, Vernon J.Cpl2307-Feb-4512-Aug-6724E Line 104
Eadie, Gordon PattersonLCpl2011-Apr-4715-Aug-6724E Line 113
Goodwin, Danny Eric.LCpl2028-Apr-4724-Aug-6725E Line 038
Lawson, Darryl DeanCpl2426-Dec-4216-Sep-6726E Line 079
Betty, Claude CharlesCpl2418-May-4318-Oct-6728E Line 033
Dearborn, Patrick John ***LCpl1817-Nov-4802-Nov-6729E Line 009
Kmetyk, Jonathan Peter *LCpl2017-Aug-4714-Nov-6729E Line 096
Vidler, Murray DeanLCpl1817-Nov-4802-Nov-6732E Line 028


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Maclean, John Donald K.Sgt2224-Oct-4504-Feb-6837E Line 026
Gautreau, Reginald JosephLCpl1912-Jul-4806-Feb-6837E Line 056
Dickie, Guy DouglasPvt1904-Mar-4808-Feb-6838E Line 025
Thomson, Robert BrianCpl2028-Jun-4716-Feb-6839E Line 067
Laderoute, Michael JohnLCpl2509-Jan-4325-Feb-6841E Line 023
Hudson, George HowardCpl2405-Jun-4706-Mar-6843E Line 022
Chisholm, David AndrewCpl2513-Apr-4215-Mar-6844E Line 058
McNac, Donald Charles ***Pfc1814-May-4817-Mar-6845E Line 013
Young, Gerald FrancisLCpl2005-Oct-4706-Apr-6848E Line 037
Nesbitt, Calvin IanPfc1907-Jan-4926-Apr-6852E Line 022
General, Leslie NeilCpl2126-Jun-4601-May-6803E Line 031
Nicholson, James PatonPfc2029-Jan-4802-May-6854E Line 014
Scott, Steven Joseph ***LCpl1830-Jan-5014-Jul-6852W Line 032
Kennedy, Bruce ThomasPfc1908-Jan-4926-Aug-6846W Line 031
Bernard, VincentLCpl2307-Sep-4521-Sep-6843W Line 051
Devoe, Douglas WaynePfc1902-Nov-4805-Oct-6841W Line 015
Smith, Eldon WayneSgt2113-Jul-4706-Oct-6841W Line 020


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Green, LarryPfc2315-Jun-4509-Jan-6935W Line 060
Manning, David KarlLCpl2217-Jun-4610-Jan-6935W Line 066
Kellar, Harry DavidPfc1905-Jul-4925-Feb-6931W Line 051
Jmaeff, George VictorCpl2314-Aug-4501-Mar-6930W Line 004
Kroisenbacher, Adolf J.LCpl3026-Nov-3807-Mar-6930W Line 066
White, Gordon GlennLCpl2325-Dep-4512-Mar-6926W Line 026
Dextraze, Richard PaulLCpl2109-Jul-4723-Apr-6926W Line 031
Laverock, Paul StewartPfc2027-Oct-4801-May-6926W Line 091
Wright, Dennis HaroldPfc2025-Mar-4912-May-6925W Line 092
Corbin, Norman AlfredLCpl2116-Jun-4806-Aug-6920W Line 100
Lukey, Geoffrey JohnLCpl2026-Aug-4906-Oct-6917W Line 046


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Fraser, Thomas EdwinPvt1806-Jun-5104-Apr-7012W Line 092
Gosselin, Robert JosephLCpl1901-Apr-5126-May-7010W Line 102
More, Gary KeithSgt2313-Nov-4630-Aug-7007W Line 024


NameRankAgeDate of BirthDate of CasualtyWall Panel
Price, William Marshall *1stLt2728-Aug-4512-Oct-7201W Line 082

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