Seventh Marine Regiment

Coat of Arms

Scarlet, tressured black, inscribed "MAGNIFICENT" in chief, a stylized "7TH" at center surmounted by the inscription "MARINES" all of gold fimbriated scarlet.


Scarlet, inscribed "1ST MARINE DIVISION, FMF" above the arms and,"PREPARE TO MARCH"below the arms in gold.

Motto: Prepare to March


The shield represents the Regiment's solid readiness and dedication in the defense of freedom. Scarlet, an official color of the United States Marine Corps, symbolizes the sacrifices of the men of the Regiment in the defense of their country; and the gold the other official color of the Marine Corps, is for their boldness and pride. The scroll above the arms recognizes the Regiment's traditional parent Division and role with the Fleet Marine Force (FMF), while the motto "Prepare to March" in the scroll below conveys the Regiment's constant vigil and readiness to march into battle.


The Regiment's coat of arms has existed since before 1970. The original motto was "Prepared to March," and represented the Regiment's constant readiness to march to battle. In 1979 the motto was changed to "Prepared to Fight" by Col. Roger .C. Haggerty and continued by the next CO Col. Joseph J. O'Brien. It conveyed the Regiment's competitive spirit and eagerness to meet and conquer any challenge. In 1981, under the command of Col. Henry C. Stackpole III, the scrolls were added. The current motto,"Prepare to March", was used unofficially beginning in 1989, and was registered by the Regiment's commander, Col. James N. Mattis, with the Commandant of the Marine Corps in April 1996.


For a period of time when the 7th Marine Regiment was deployed in VietNam, the motto: "More for the Corps" was used.

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